Koa/Mana User Research

Acknowledge ITS-CI

If you use Information Technology Services – Cyberinfrastructure (ITS-CI) systems or services, including the HPC cluster, please let us know of any published results, including student theses, conference papers, journal papers, presentations and web pages. Please acknowledge resources provided by ITS-CI and the University of Hawaii in the following manner:


The technical support and advanced computing resources from University of Hawaii Information Technology Services – Cyberinfrastructure, funded in part by the National Science Foundation CC* awards # 2201428 and # 2232862 are gratefully acknowledged.


Send us your publications

Please submit copies of dissertations, reports, preprints, reprints and/or URLs in which UH ITS-CI is acknowledged to:


Current Research on Koa/Mana HPC

UH researchers use our advanced computing resources to make discoveries across multiple disciplines of science.

The User Research section provides a list by year of publication of User Research projects that take advantage of our systems, software, services, and staff.


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