HPC in the Classroom

Use HPC in the classroom by requesting a teaching allocation for an upcoming listed UH course.

*Requests must be made no less than 1 month prior to the start of the term in which the allocation will be used.

Resource requirements will be discussed with instructors that include:

  • Software needs and installation
  • Number of nodes and/or reservations required for students in the class
  • Need for shared storage between class members
  • Need for onboarding facilitation
  • Other special arrangements

Send your teaching allocation request to: uh-hpc-help@lists.hawaii.edu

Courses powered by HPC

BOTANY 662: High Throughput Sequencing for Ecology and Evolution Anthony Amend Mānoa Spring 2015 – Spring 2017
CEE 696: Deep Learning in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Science Jonghyun Harry Lee Mānoa Fall 2019
CHEM 761: Advanced Biochem Rui Sun Mānoa Spring 2018
CHEM 761: Computational Study of Condensed Matters: from Theories to Applications Rui Sun Mānoa Fall 2019
CHEM 761: Special Topics in Biochemistry: Molecular Understanding of Proteins Ellinor Halglund Mānoa Fall 2020
CS 272: Machine Learning for Data Science Travis Mandel Hilo Spring 2018
ICS 621: Analysis of Algorithms Nodari Sitchinava Mānoa Fall 2017
ICS 632: High Performance Computing Henri Casanova Mānoa Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017
ICS 635: Machine Learning Peter Sadowski Mānoa Spring 2019
ICS 636: Info Theory in Machine Learning Susanne Still Mānoa Spring 2019
ICS 683: Advanced Computer Vision Kyungim Baek Mānoa Fall 2018
ICS 691: Deep Learning with Neural Networks Peter Sadowski Mānoa Fall 2018
ICS 421: Database Systems II Lipeow Lim Mānoa Spring 2018
MATH 271: Applied Statistics with R Grady Weyenberg Hilo Fall 2018
MBBE 683: Adv Bioinformatics for Biologists Gernot Presting Mānoa Fall 2018
PEPS 662: Systemics and Phylogenetics Daniel Rubinoff Mānoa Fall 2019
ZOOL 719: Systematics and Evolution Rebecca Chong & Michael Kanter Mānoa Fall 2018