Huntington Ingalls

Huntington Ingalls is recognized as America’s largest shipbuilder, providing engineering and defense technologies. HII is an all-around defense partner with HI-DSI with their analytics, machine learning, and more technological capabilities.


Oceanit is a distributive ‘Mind-to-Market’ technology company. Focused on cutting-edge technologies, and immersive opportunities for innovation and scientific breakthrough, Oceanit is a valued partner of HI-DSI.

National Security Agency

The National Security Agency (NSA) featured the UH Mānoa campus first in 2019 and is now an official partner of HI-DSI. The NSA supports Cybersecurity and employment across UH and extends its support across Hawaiʻi.

Hawaiʻi Entertainment Media

Hawaiʻi Entertainment Media (H.E.M.) is a local company devoted to multimedia, immersive, and virtual experiences. H.E.M. focuses on sharing the spirit of Aloha and Mālama in their company and partnership with HI-DSI.

Energy Services Network

HI-DSI’s partnership with the Energy Services Network (ESNet) allows collaboration with extensive science networks. ESNet provides high-bandwidth connections between national laboratories, universities, and research institutions for extensive teamwork on scientific problems.


Servco’s partnership with HI-DSI proudly recognizes local industry funding. Servco is committed to respecting, service, teamwork, and innovation in their support.

Hawaiʻi State Energy Office

The Hawaiʻi State Energy Office (HSEO) is leading a clean energy initiative over the Hawaiian archipelago with respect to the cultural history of energy. HSEO’s clean energy initiatives support HI-DSI in climate and data science for a sustainable future in Hawaiʻi.