Nimbus AI

Nimbus AI is a weather-forecasting startup spun out of University of Hawaiʻi by Hawaiʻi Data Science Institute members Giuseppe Torri and Peter Sadowski. Nimbus combines satellite data with AI to make solar power production more predictable, reducing the costs of renewable energy. Their technology has recently won multiple awards from the Department of Energy.

MEGA Lab Underwater Observatory

A large multi-disciplinary collaboration with project lead John Burns, assistant professor of marine since at University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and the founder of the Multiscale Environmental Graphical Analysis Laboratory (MEGA Lab)  resulted in the installation of a high-resolution real-time video monitoring camera in waters off Kona, Hawai‘i Island. The camera went live in April 2021 and is available to schools, scientists, and the general public as a continuous live stream. This project is an ongoing joint effort between MEGA Lab, the ecological monitoring equipment company View Into The Blue, and the philanthropic engineering company Aqualink and the National Energy Laboratory of Hawaiʻi Authority (NELHA).