Peter Sadowski

  • Associate Professor Information and Computer Sciences

Contact Info:


Dr. Peter Sadowski is an Associate Professor at University of Hawaii at Mānoa in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences. Dr. Sadowski research focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and how to use these methods to address the most challenging problems in science and engineering.


  • Ph.D. 2016, Computer Science, University of California, Irvine
  • B.S. 2009, Computer Science, California Institute of Technology

Research Interests

I am interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. My current focus is on deep learning and applications of deep learning in the natural sciences.

Recent Publications

  • P. Baldi, P. Sadowski, “Learning in the Machine: Recirculation is Random Backpropagation,” Neural Networks, 108:479:494, 2018.
  • P. Baldi, P. Sadowski, and Z. Lu, “Learning in the Machine: Random Backpropagation and the Deep Learning Channel,” Artificial Intelligence, 260:1-35, 2018.
  • C. Shimmin, P. Sadowski, P. Baldi, E. Weik, D. Whiteson, E. Goul, and A. Søgaard, “Decorrelated Jet Substructure Tagging using Adversarial Neural Networks,” Physical Review D, 96:074034, 2017.
  • P. Sadowski, B. Radics, Ananya, Y. Yamazaki, P. Baldi, “Efficient Antihydrogen Detection in Antimatter Physics by Deep Learning,” Journal of Physics Communications, 1(2):025001, 2017.