About Koa

Koa is the University of Hawai‘i (UH) high performance computing (HPC) cluster –  a collection of many computers called nodes connected together with a network –  that solves computational problems which are too large for standard computers. Koa came fully on-line Decmber 8th, 2023 and replaced the previous Mana computing cluster.


Specifications & Use

Koa consists of 357 nodes (9,556 cores) with a total of 63.19 TB of RAM, 120 GPUs and more than 1 PB of storage. Koa grew from the Mana cluster deployed in late 2014, with investments from the University, an NSF MRI award ( #1920304 ) and 2 NSF CC* awards (#2201428, #2232862) ongoing Principal Investigator (PI) purchases of condo compute nodes. Koa is free to use for all UH users, with the Slurm Workload Manager managing access with a fair share algorithm.

UH community users get uninterrupted access to the 215 the University owned machines, but can also schedule work on the 130 PI owned nodes via partitions subject to preemption by node owners’ job submissions.

Since 2014, over 685 users, across multiple campuses in the University system, have used Mana/Koa.  Mana/Koa has also provided over 194,310,338 CPU hours since 2014 and 295,224 GPU hours since 2019.


Get a Free Koa Account

Accounts on Koa are free of charge for all active UH faculty, staff, students across all ten campuses. Koa users get equal access to all of the community compute resources for free. In addition, all Koa users have access to the PI owned condo nodes when those resources are idle.

Learn more about eligibility and how to sign-up for a free account.


Jetstream 2 Access

With the use of a valid allocation or PI of a valid allocation, there is now unpaid access to Jetstream 2 AI. Jetstream is a computing system that can run 24/7 to accommodate all schedules for research and data analysis teams. It has the largest and fastest storage systems accessible as well as over 360 graphics processing units. 

Learn more about JetStream 2 and access the free service.