Python Data Analysis with Pandas and Matplotlib


We are pleased to announce that the registration for Python Data Analysis Workshop is now open. This workshop focuses specifically on the Python skills necessary for data analysis — as opposed to software development — and introduces some of the libraries that have made Python a popular alternative for working with data at any scale.

This practical workshop will take place over two consecutive days (April 17 and 18, 2018). The afternoon of the second day will be dedicated to applying the learned concepts on personal or instructor-provided data.


By the end of this workshop students will be able to:

  • Work with the Pandas library to conduct essential data analysis tasks such as reading, exploring, filtering, and summarizing data.
  • Slice, shape and pivot tables.
  • Implement calculations on rows, columns, and tables.
  • Use split-apply-combine to summarize data
  • Merge, concatenate and filter data from multiple sources.
  • Visualize data using matplotlib


- Free for University of Hawaii students faculty and staff
- Limited number of seats will also be available for free to our industry partners


Mahdi Belcaid
Assistant Professor

Mahdi Belcaid

Sean Cleveland
Cyberinfrastructure Scientist

Sean Cleveland

Tentative Schedule



You can register at the following URL:

If you register and cannot attend, please cancel your reservation by contacting the organizers at least three days before the event start date.


This event is jointly organized by the Hawaii Data Science Institute, University of Hawaii Cyberinfrastructure and EPSCoR Hawaii

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