Sean Cleveland

  • Cyberinfrastructure ScientistInformation Technology Services - Cyberinfrastructure
  • Research FacultyITS - Cyberinfrastructure & Hawaii Data Science Institute

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Dr. Cleveland received his Ph.D. in microbiology (bioinformatics) from Montana State University in 2013 to compliment his B.S. in Computer Science. His Ph.D. work focused on studying the translation/transcription complex for the order Mononegavirales using in silico methods to evaluate evolutionary dynamics, disorder, compensatory mutations and intra-residue contact prediction. For the past four years, Dr. Cleveland has worked at the University of Hawaiʻi in the Information Technology Services Cyberinfrastructure group as a cyberinfrastructure research scientist. In that role, he does software engineering for science gateways and infrastructure administration. He is a current UH PI on the Tapis Framework an NSF-funded web-based API framework for securely managing computational workloads across infrastructures and institutions, so that experts can focus on their research instead of the technology needed to accomplish it. He also assists UH researchers with learning, adopting, and applying advanced cyberinfrastructure, such as the UH High Performance Computing cluster, to accelerate and scale their research efforts through workshops and training efforts with the HI-DSI.