Troy Wooton

  • Data Science Fellow

    Marine Biology graduate and former animal care technician at a laboratory animal facility. Over the years I have developed a strong interest in computer science, and find the act of coding and writing software to be enjoyable.

    I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Hawai’i Manoa. My current interests lie at the intersection of natural sciences, machine learning, data analytics, and data visualization. To this end, I am currently participating in the HI-DSI data science fellows program. As a fellow, I am actively working on a decision-support and resilience tool for landslide and flooding disasters in southeast Asia called LandSAGE. The purpose of this tool is to tie meteorological data, surface water data, and river height data from disparate sources together into a single geospatial visualization tool, thus providing a consolidated, actionable view into the slice of the data landscape that is relevant to geological natural disasters.

    Historically, I have possessed a strong interest in programming language theory, with a particular focus on how language design and implementation can affect our ability to manage program complexity, enforce program correctness at compile-time, increase programmer productivity, and modulate program efficiency at runtime. To this effect, I previously worked on an extracurricular project with EE students to develop an R7RS compliant, fully functioning Scheme interpreter in C++. This project enabled me to gain proficiency in industry-recognized software development idioms and techniques while aiding in the development of an implementation of my favorite programming language!