Lisa Yoda

  • Senior Data Analyst, AlohaCare

Lisa Yoda was born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo. After finishing High School in Tokyo she moved back to Hawaii and earned a multidisciplinary PhD in Information and Communication Sciences focusing on Medical Informatics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH Manoa). Prior to receiving a PhD, she received a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Biostatistics. She worked at UH Manoa supporting and developing a multinational remote sensing and Earth observation capability on Oahu under a NASA contract for over 10 years. Dr. M. Crosby chaired the committee for her dissertation which was focused on women’s health behavior and communications related to HPV vaccination. She has always been interested in the field of health care and upon completion of her PhD, she left UH Manoa and sought an employment with the local non-profit health plan organization, Alohacare, which provides health care coverage for underserved populations in Hawaii with specific health needs. She aims to contribute to the bridging of the academic and business world in health care. As a Senior Data Analyst she has led the internal effort to develop both Business Intelligent systems, and a data warehouse. She works in a very fast-paced, changing environment and performs strategic data analyses such as projection, modeling, trending, outcome measures, identification of gaps, and potential issues in support of operations.