Gerardo Rivera Tello


Originally from Lima, Perú, Gerardo graduated with a BS in Physics from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos . During his studies, he developed a keen interest in learning about ENSO (El Niño–Southern Oscillation), a climatic phenomenon that affects the weather and economy of Peru and other regions. After completing his degree, he worked at a research institute dedicated to operational ENSO monitoring and forecasting. He decided to pursue graduate school to expand his knowledge on ENSO flavors and impacts, as well as to explore new methods and tools for climate research. His PhD research is currently under the supervision of Prof. Christina Karamperidou.


BS Physics – Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima – Perú

Research Interests

Current research interests include using machine learning methods to forecast extreme ENSO events and its flavors. He is also interested in using explainable AI to gain insight from AI models that can help improve dynamical modeling of ENSO and its interactions with other climate modes.