Alice Koniges

  • Computational ScientistUH Manoa, UH Maui High Performance Computing

    Dr. Alice Koniges is a computational scientist at the University of Hawaii and Maui High Performance Computing Center specializing in the modeling of highly complex physical phenomena using the latest in computer technologies.

    She has a passion for helping others with practical demonstrations of the real utility of High Performance Computing(HPC). Her research interests include emerging architectures, programming models, machine learning and partial differential equations. Previous to Hawaii Alice was at Berkeley Laboratory, and also held joint appointments with UC Berkeley and UCLA. Dr. Koniges’ team developed the ALE-AMR code which  models plasma, fluids and solids in high energy density regimes for a wide variety of applications. As principal investigator, she led applications for the DOE Exascale project to demonstrate a major milestone in million-trillion-operations-per-second supercomputing and several other multimillion dollar contracts for DOE.

    She also served as Head of Institutional Computing at the DOE Livermore Lab and pioneered several Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with Industry to advance HPC applications for the government. Dr. Koniges has published over 100 technical papers, two books on HPC and has more than 1500 citations on her work. She has served as mentor to more than 15 post-docs and graduate students. Alice is the first woman to receive a PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University. She also holds MSE and MA degrees from Princeton, and a BA from the University of California, San Diego.