The HI-DSI Fellowship Program is a training initiative that funds Graduate Assistants (GAs) or Undergraduate Fellows to further their knowledge in the theory, techniques and applications of data science.

HI-DSI Fellows are undergraduate or graduate students. They work closely with domain scientists and data science methodology experts in cross-disciplinary settings to tackle a diverse array of issues. They have access to a suite of training tools in Data Science. Data Science Fellows participate in “Data Science Fridays” for professional development and enjoy seminars from experts and guest speakers throughout the year.

The HI-DSI Fellow program is a semester- or year-long program with the following elements:

  • Participation in a research immersion with a domain scientist faculty member using advanced data science techniques to address a cutting-edge research question;

Skills acquisition

  • in critical data science competencies through completion of a series of web-based training applications and collaboration with practicing data scientists;
  • Career development and mentoring opportunities;
  • Integration into a community of practice centered around the use of data science to address pressing regional, national and global science problems.
  • Reflection, evaluation and self-assessment.

  • Data management
  • Programming
  • Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Communication
  • Career Development

Seeking three Hawaii Data Science Institute Fellows for Two-year positions starting Fall 2021

Learn more about project details and how to apply here:

Current HI-DSI Fellows

Katie Ackerman
Data Science Fellow

Katie Ackerman

Moseli Motsoehli
Data Science Fellow

Moseli Motsoehli