Yen-wei Pan

Yen-Wei Pan

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Yen-Wei moved to Hawaii in 2016 to pursue her undergraduate degree in Geology and Geophysics. During this time, she took an interest in climate change and decided to pursue an undergraduate thesis on the production of sea salt aerosols, a prevalent aerosol in the marine boundary layer. After completing her BS degree, she’s decided to continue her graduate studies at UH Manoa while expanding her research on sea salt aerosols into climate models and local weather forecasting.

Yen-Wei is a Ph.D. student in Natural Resources and Environmental Management at UH Manoa. His research focuses on soil moisture’s role in the hydrological cycle, with the goal of improving drought prediction and ecosystem dynamics. He combined remote sensing and in-situ monitoring to optimize models and enhance water resource management in the face of climate change.


BA Geography – National Taiwan Normal University
MA Geography – National Taiwan Normal University


Research Interests
Soil Moisture, Watershed Hydrology, Geography