24 Mar 2023

Smart Data Collection for Sensor Networks


Workshop Description

This workshop will cover the usage of the Tapis Streams API for representing sensor networks and streaming/processing real-time data. Participants will set up a Jupyter notebook instance on Mana and run through a notebook demonstrating how to implement a mock sensor station for recording climatological data via tapipy, a python library for interacting with Tapis. The user will then user Abaco containers to execute some analysis of the mock sensor data.


Attendees must have access to Mana and create a TACC account for access to Tapis.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn about Tapis and gain a basic understanding of how to use its Streams and Actor APIs through the python library tapipy.

Tools used for this workshop

  • Mana
  • Abaco
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • python 3

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