18 Feb 2022

Scientific Workflows and Gateways


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Workshop Description

Sciences are becoming more data intensive and thus managing, handling and exploring data are becoming more prevalent issues in research. Using these data sets to drive discovery presents new issues in researchers efforts to organize, collaborate and use computational resources on data collected during experiments. Scientific gateways and workflows are tools that can help provide solutions to such issues. Gateways enable users from a specific research domain to develop and use data, tools and applications via a web interface to meet their researching needs. Workflows give users the ability to perform sequential computational tasks on data using computing resources while removing the complexity of setting up cyberinfrastructure and the need for thorough programming knowledge. Together, gateways and workflows foster a collaborative environment for research and scientific reproducibility.

In this workshop, discussions will include an introduction to scientific gateways and workflows. Attendees will learn how gateways and workflows may benefit their research and about some existing gateways that may be suitable for their scientific interests. For the hands-on portion, attendees will access and use HydroShare, a gateway built for water-resource sciences. Activities will include navigating HydroShare and its available tools and web apps and creating a data resource which can be used for collaboration with others in the scientific community. Attendees will also use an existing workflow to perform computational tasks on some data to demonstrate the ease and benefits of using community-developed tools for data analysis.


  • Create a HydroShare account.
  • After creating an account, within HydroShare search for and request to join CUAHSI JupyterHub web app group.

Be sure to request JupyterHub group access a few days in advance as the CUAHSI team’s approval to join the group could take days. Email CUAHSI’s support team if there are any issues or delays with your account or joining the JupyterHub group.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Understand basic information about scientific gateways and workflows.
  • Have had hands-on experience exploring and using a scientific gateway. This workshop will use HydroShare, a data management solution for hydrological data, models, and code.
  • Understand how to use HydroShare’s tools and web apps to create a data resource, carry out computational tasks using existing workflows on data within that resource, and share that resource with other researchers in the community.

Tools used in this workshop:

  • HydroShare
  • JupyterHub
  • Python

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