15 Apr 2022

National Security Innovation Network Hackathon


In partnership with the U.S. Navy, the National Security Innovation Network is recruiting participants for the Reality Bytes Hackathon with $45,000 in prizes on the line!  For this event, we are looking for creative solutions using data visualization, AR/VR, and gamification principles to help create a heads-up display for cyber professionals. Cyber professionals are flooded with data, so tools that can improve their focus and help them identify urgent priorities are essential to protect critical infrastructure.  If you or any fellow students have a creative solution that can help tackle any of the problem areas included below, please sign up!

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Deadline April 17th

Who can Apply:Participants can join as a complete team or join as an individual. This hackathon is open to undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students as well as early-stage startups.

Focus Areas


  • How could Artificial Reality/Virtual Reality technologies help visualize cybersecurity operations?
  • What other kinds of interfaces could help control and manage cyber-security operations?
  • Are there commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies that could enhance the user experience?
  • How could this technology be designed to work in a field scenario? Picture a soldier in a remote environment.

Software and Data:

  • How would you fuse and visualize large data sets, especially those focused on cyber operations?
  • Are there data visualizations tools that can improve the ability of cyber analysts to track and monitor threats in real-time?
  • Would a HUD or gaming interface present the data in a functional/usable configuration?
  • How do you gamify the analysis of large data sets? How do you showcase and activate cyber defensive actions?
  • Are there gamification technologies to increase cybersecurity professionals’ focus on key signals? What cues could tell a red, blue, or purple operator that they are seeing/experiencing something important or critical?


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