Machine Learning Approaches to Climate Science
02 Feb 2024

Machine Learning Approaches in Climate Science



This FREE workshop is sponsored by the University of Hawai’i Information Technology Service Cyberinfrastructure group and Hawaii Data Science Institute (HI-DSI)

 This workshop will focus on machine learning for timeseries data with the most popular data science tools: Python, Scikit-Learn, and Pytorch.


  • Familiarity with python is recommended

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the workflow for modeling scientific data with machine learning.

  • Understand key machine learning methods for modeling time-series and geospatial data.

  • Experience with common python software packages for applying machine learning.

Tools Used for this workshop

  • Jupyter notebooks
  • Scikit learn
  • Matplotlib
  • Keras
  • Pytorch
  • Python


  • Information and Computer Science, UHM

    Sadowski, Peter

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