24 Feb 2023

Data Visualization


Workshop Description

Vision is the primary channel through which humans interpret most of the information in the world. So it isn’t surprising that half of the human brain is dedicated to processing visual imagery. Visualization is particularly important in the age of Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as it enables humans to remain in the loop, ensuring that discoveries made by these advanced data analytics methods are truly valid. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to examples of good as well as bad visualizations; the process of creating effective data visualizations; and popular data visualization tools that can help researchers and instructors produce visualizations of their data.


Knowledge of Python is preferable, but not required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what makes good and bad visualizations
  • Understand the process of creating effective data visualizations
  • Introduction to popular data visualization tools: Plot.ly/Dash, Tableau & Paraview

Tools used for this workshop

  • Plot.ly
  • Dash
  • Tableau
  • Paraview
  • SAGE3

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