06 May 2022

Data Science Fellows Research Showcase – Spring 2022


Registration: http://go.hawaii.edu/Vtu

Join the Hawai‘i Data Science Fellows Research Showcase featuring this year’s cohort of graduate fellows who will present on their current research projects. In addition, there will be presentations by undergraduate students working in cyberinfrastructure.


  • “The air is salty?”; Why we care about Sea Salt Aerosols – Katie Ackerman
  • Cloud-cloud interaction simulated by high-resolution numerical models – Mingyue Tang
  • Patterns of distribution of SAR86 marine bacteria
    Oscar Ramfelt
  • Developing novel computational pipelines for systems without existing genomic resources
    Bjarne Bartlett
  • Using in vitro and in silico techniques to understand a novel Parkinson’s Disease mechanism – Luke Nelson
  • Simulating Electric Load Shapes for Moloka’i Airport in an All-Electric Future – Scott Marshall
  • Modeling Electrification of Aviation with ENGAGE – Sorapong Khongnawang
  • Modeling Airport Building Energy Demands: Electrification of Aviation – Jonathan Uejbe
  • Deep Learning for cut-off lows – Aditi Jaiswal
  • Multi container workflows for climate science – Michael Dodge
  • Extending a Tapis workflow scheduler for Google cloud platform with cloudycluster –Eric Lam
  • Migrating a C-maiki pipeline to Tapis v3 – Jeff Wong


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