09 Feb 2024

Brain Data


Seminar Description

Dr Jonas Vibell will speak about the laboratory he heads and some of the recent projects related to data science. The Brain & Behavior Laboratory uses tools such as EEG, FMRI and OPM to understand how the brain adapts to behavior. A part of the laboratory uses VR/AR in combination with these brain imaging tools to better understand brain function. AR/VR can serve as an excellent artificial testing environment for elucidating how the brain reacts to perceiving artificial objects. In addition Dr Vibell will. introduce techniques he applies to see more from traditional brain imaging technologies.

Speaker: Dr. Jonas Vibell

I was born and raised in Sweden, but have lived and worked in many places around the world including Germany, England, Singapore, California, Massachusetts, and Hawaiʻi. I have a passion for exploration and decided early on that the brain is a worthy challenge. The brain is an imploded universe in itself with 86 billion neurons guiding thoughts and behavior. We still have some ways to go to understand how these operate, but the tools at our disposal are improving rapidly. My interests span all the new neuroimaging tools that exist to investigate brain structure and function. I also enjoy geographical exploration and have been on expeditions to the North and South poles. Read my bio here: https://psychology.manoa.hawaii.edu/jonas-vibell/

Jonas Vibell


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