Contributing to the Prosperity of and Technological Advancement of the State of Hawaii

Cost-shared Internships Fund

Internships are an integral part of data science and familiarize the students with the intricacies of working with real data. Due to the high cost of living in Hawaii, students are often required to juggle multiple part-time jobs in addition to their academic and social requirements. On the one hand, by contributing to a reasonable remuneration, HI-DSI interns experience less financial-related stress and are more likely engage in and benefit from their internship experience. On the other hand, by cost-sharing interns’ salaries, HI-DSI lowers the barrier to entry to data science for smaller Hawaii businesses who would other not consider including data science as means to improve operations. This, in turn, creates a direct impact on the advancement of Hawaii Small Business and the economic grown of the State.

HI-DSI Fellowship Program Fund

The fellowship program allows and to recruit exceptional graduate and undergraduate students to work in a team setting, on a year-long high-impact data science project. HI-DSI fellows represent a broad array of disciplines such business, ecology, public health and biomedical research, and provide the students with the required hands-on expertise to become proficient data scientists or career researchers.

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