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Can former Data Fellows apply?


I donʻt have a supervisor. Can I still apply?

You will need a faculty mentor who can guide you in your research project.  The training and professional development activities will take up a portion of your time and the remainder of your time should be devoted to working on your research project. So you would need to have a research mentor by the time you started your fellowship.

How should I submit the acknowledgement of application from my supervisor?

Your advisor is welcome to email directly with a note acknowledging your application to the program.

I will only be available for one semester before I graduate. Can I still apply?

The Fellows program is a one year funded commitment, however we have had students who did not complete an entire year of the fellowship program.  The two semesters, Fall and Spring – cover all the major training activities for the program and the summer experience is a combination of you working on your graduate project, plus mentoring undergraduate students. We suggest that you apply to the program and include information about your graduation plans.

I have an accepted PhD student who will enroll in August who is interested in applying to the Data Science Fellows program. Is he eligible to apply even though he’s not yet a student (but will be a student soon)?

Yes!  Your PhD is eligible for the Data Science Fellows program – we encourage him to apply!