The focus of this course is on how information and communication technologies enable and influence social phenomena, and how people use such technologies for social purposes. We consider various applications and settings such as online communities and social networking, massive online role-playing games, collaborative filtering and recommender systems, blogging and twittering, distributed work, online learning, mobile/ubiquitous social connectivity, Wikipedia, participation in political movements and government, etc. We look at how the design of technological artifacts enable and influence social activity, and review theoretical perspectives and empirical studies that inform this design.

The class is organized as a seminar and can be customized to your interests, whether you are into building software, doing research, or are just interested. It is suitable for helping students identify potential topics for their dissertation research, MS capstone project, or publishable paper requirements in ICS and CIS; or you can join simply to explore aspects of technology that are of great relevance today.

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